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With flexibility of a tool comes complexity. Our videos help to understand simple as well as complex aspects of RapidMiner tools

We offer a large range of RapidMiner videos focusing on important and fundamental aspects of this great this leading modern analytics platform. In addition, we have released our first complete course which consists of 43 videos. This course called ‘RapidMiner Analyst Preparation Course’ which is aimed to prepare learners to take the official RapidMiner Analyst exam.

The next set of videos will focus on advanced features and concepts of RapidMiner including Text and Web Content Mining. We aim to release this batch of videos at some stage in the second half of the year.



Here at RapidMinerResources we are using one of the leading Virtual Learning Environments where you will have access to all your videos and help files 24/7.


- Loop Collection
- Installing RM Server
- Pivot
- Moving Average
- Fit Trend
- Windowing